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Strategic Compound Is Now OPEN for Gaming! Sat & Sun 10-6 Paintball & Airsoft! Either days, your choice! Come on down and game on the largest field in CT!

This 165 Acre outdoor multiple field for Paintball & Airsoft is currently OPEN for Gaming! Sat & Sun 10-6

Located in East Hampton, CT about 15 minutes from Cromwell CQB!  This massive 5 fields of outdoor adventure will definitely get your heart pounding!  Log on to for more info on the great outdoor gaming!

With all the latest assault rifle issues currently going on you should NOT Airsoft on any non sanctioned fields or state land. Keep your guns concealed from public view with proper gear bags, and cases. We don’t want to mix Airsoft guns into the mix. Be smart, play safe, and help keep our sport alive!

Here at CQB we are in the relentless pursuit of perfection! Always updating our field to bring you guys/gals a better gaming experience with more realistic gaming as ever before!  With multiple buildings and store fronts for plenty of CQB action! And were still not done! Keep watching as Cromwell just gets better and better!