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So i ran the Tantalum Teaser today with NYC Airsoft and I must say this will be a very well organized and fun game! Stratcom will be utilizing the entire property (all 8 gaming areas) for this event. Multiple objectives and new twists and turns for the game! The attendance numbers are high already, but definitely the game you don’t want to miss out on! I believe there are still tickets available ! This may have to be a 10 hour game for all you die hard fans! Get your energy drinks and plenty of snacks! There will also be food vendor of course if you need that juicy cheeseburger or super Stratcom dog! Choose your team! And get ready for the fight of the year and the memories of a lifetime! 

  Summer CQB hours of operation will begin Wed June 24th! CQB will then be open for gaming at noon wed – Friday! Weekend hours remain the same year around. So gear up and get your gaming buddies for some great Airsoft battles! Gaming all week! Come on down to CT’s premier indoor CQB field!

You don’t want to miss this huge event!  July 26th!  You must purchase tickets online at for this event! Choose your desired team before it’s sold out! 

 Strategic Compound 14 Bear Swamp Rd East Hampton CT

Strategic Compound Is Now OPEN for Gaming! Sat & Sun 10-6 Paintball & Airsoft! 165 acres of outdoor woods! Multiple fields to choose including a Castle, village, bunkers, trenches, and much more! Also hosting Birthday party’s, & special events! Experience CT’s premier outdoor field! 

With all the gun issues going on these days you should NOT Airsoft on any non sanctioned fields, private property ( without prior permission from the land owner and alerting neighbors that you will be conducting Airsoft pursuit games in the area or State land. Keep your guns concealed from public view with proper gear bags, and cases. We don’t want to throw Airsoft guns into the mix. Be smart, play safe, and help keep our sport alive!