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Gaming update!

Sundays have become older guys gaming day! Stop down on Sundays for great gaming!


With all the latest assault rifle issues currently going on you should NOT Airsoft on any non sanctioned fields or state land. Keep your guns concealed from public view with proper gear bags, and cases. We don’t want to mix Airsoft guns into the mix. Be smart, play safe, and help keep our sport alive!

Recommended Gaming Times

Depending on your gaming skills & preferences:
Thursday evenings: Open gaming

Fridays : Open gaming. Great time to get a small group games. (currently looking for teams to begin the Friday night league championships. Team rate discounts.)

Saturdays : Great gaming Day! Always lots of gamers! Lots of fun!

Sundays : Also a Great gaming Day! Usually not as busy as Saturdays.

Airsoft Common Questions & Answers

Q. What is Airsoft?

A. Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1970′s and is becoming gradually popular in the US. Airsoft consists of 1&1 scale replicas of the real firearm that project a 6mm plastic BB usually anywhere from 100-500 FPS. (feet per second) The sport is a cousin to Paintball where two or more teams compete against each other for objectives, eliminations, and flag captures. The teams will be shooting at each other to try and eliminate the opposing force. Airsoft is utilized by many Military, and Law Enforcement for training purposes. These Airsoft guns carry a required Blaze orange tip to differ from the real firearm.

Q. Does it hurt when you get hit?

A. Depending on what part of the body and how much gear you are equipped with, not as much as a paintball. Think of it as an elastic band being flicked on your arm. It may sting for a split second and then it goes away. Hands and fingers as well as a head shot will most likely hurt more than a shot to the back or center mass. Helmets are a good idea to avoid head shots.

Q. Is Airsoft Safe?

A. Yes, if you utilize proper gun safety techniques as with any firearm or projectile device. As always use eye protection and face protection at all times when participating in pursuit games. Skateboarding would be a definite more dangerous sport than being shot at with an Airsoft gun.

Q. Are there Referees for the Airsoft games?

A. Absolutely! There are always referees to supervise, enforce rules and regulations at our Airsoft pursuit games. This ensures everyone’s safety, and Honesty when on/off the field.

Q. Does Airsoft make kids violent with guns?

A. No. Airsoft is simply a tool to participate in pursuit games. Airsoft is also a good way to teach individuals about gun safety, how to work within a team, how to be an honest player, how to communicate with each other, how to learn to respect each other, how to open up & make new friends and how to learn that winning is not always possible, but by giving it there best and playing honestly will gain more respect than cheating and winning. Airsoft is a game of HONOR. All of these mentioned skills can be utilized in the real world when entering the work force. These qualities are also vital when looking for employment. Think of it as since the beginning of time when kids played cowboys and Indians with wooden replica guns that did not project anything. All they had was there imagination. Violence comes from within an individual. Airsoft will change the violent behavior to become a more stable, honest, and respecting individual. Airsoft is a great stress reliever!

Q. Can an Airsoft gun be altered to fire real live ammo?

A. No. If an individual attempted to do this, the gun would blow up in his/her face because the metal is not strong enough to take the force of a recoil. Even though some Airsoft guns are full metal, there are different elements within the real firearm components.

Q. Do you have to be 18 to purchase Airsoft guns?

A. Yes. It is a BB projectile device capable of taking an eye out.  Adult 18 +  is required to obtain an Airsoft gun.

Q. What should you wear to play Airsoft?

A. Long pants, preferably long sleeves, Hooded sweatshirts, gloves of some type to protect from knuckle shots, and full seal eye and face protection. Most Airsoft Milsim players will acquire the full load out of BDU’s, Helmets, Tactical vests, Plate Carriers, Elbow and Knee pads, Tactical hard knuckle gloves, and full seal goggles with lower half face protection along with a balaclava for added neck and face protection. If your going to get serious, dress the part to be safe. The more gear, the less likely for painful hits, and a better gaming experience.

Q. Is Airsoft better than Paintball?

A. They both have great qualities. Paintball is a little more expensive for the ammo and air tanks, but the cheating is usually limited because of the obvious markings from the hits. Airsoft is cheaper for ammo, more realistic in weaponry, no messy clothes or equipment after each game, but it is based on an Honor system. (unless you have a clean shot) It is good to try both and make a decision on your own.

Q. Where can you play Airsoft?

A. Cromwell CQB Airsoft  located at 540 Main St Cromwell, CT

Q. Is Indoor Airsoft better than Outdoor Airsoft?

A. Depends on field location and field setup, but there are no ticks carrying lime disease, snakes, mosquitos, mud, or poison ivy indoors. Outdoors is however a fun experience during proper weather.